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The art of unpolished living.
Experiences for all seasons.
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A meal unlike any other.
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From the far east to the far east.

Terrence and Courtney met while teaching in South Korea, then explored and ate their way across that country. After a sojourn in Courtney's home state of Louisiana, they travelled back to Terrence's ancestral home of Grates Cove, Newfoundland and once again, fell in love. Here, in this tiny land between the barrens and the sea, they found what they were looking for. Inspiration. Perspective. Freedom. And a place they could finally call home.

Restauranteur of the Year

Restaurant Association of NL




A home base unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in spectacular ocean vistas and the beautiful windswept landscape at Grates Cove Studios. Perfect for groups large and small, our private guest homes come with an unimpeded view of spring icebergs, summer whales, and rugged barrens. Located within walking distance of hiking trails and a National Historic Site, our homes provide the perfect base for short explorations and longer jaunts along the Baccalieu Coastal Drive.


Think local. Taste global.

Set in the old Grates Cove schoolhouse, our Open Studio Restaurant is a masterclass in fusion cuisine with a hyper-local focus. Courtney's Cajun and Creole family recipes are reimagined through a Newfoundland lens. Fresh seafood, seasonal greens, mushrooms, and berries are locally wild-harvested to create exquisite flavor profiles, equally foreign and familiar.

Our restaurant space includes a gift shop, and open studio featuring original art, crafts, and products inspired by Courtney and Terrence's explorations in and around Grates Cove.


A world waiting to be discovered.

Whether you're in pursuit of hidden sea caves and frolicking whales, impromptu picnics on our windswept barrens, a luxury spa experience, or answers of a more metaphysical nature, you're sure to find it at Grates Cove Studios. Our carefully curated range of guided tours, creative workshops, and culinary offerings are designed to ensure an experience that exceeds your wildest dreams.