Experiences for all seasons.

Here, every season brings fresh adventure. From winter snowshoeing across rugged barrens to breezy picnics on towering ocean cliffs, there's never a bad time of year to visit this beautiful corner of Newfoundland. 

Boat Excursions

The daily pursuit of the unexpected.

From the plentiful spring icebergs along our coastline to the frolicking whales that gather in Grates Cove Harbour every summer, there's beauty and vitality to be found in our waters all year round.

Our guests are invited to explore our stunning coast in our 14' Zodiac-style boat, helmed by Captain Darrin Martin. With each ocean voyage dependent on the day's weather and local ocean wildlife reports, every outing with Captain Martin is a unique adventure that will take you to the best locations and sights available.

Looking Forward to Exploring With You This Summer

Seaweed Baths

Experience the healing power of seaweed.

Treat yourself and a partner to a luxurious outdoor seaweed bath, set against the stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Each rejuvenation session includes a leisurely two-hour immersion in your own personal outdoor tub, plus fresh seaweed sheets and samples from our seaweed-based skincare line.


Picnic Backpack

Adventures that will replenish your spirits. And your appetite.

Hike our trails, explore the rock walls of our National Historic Site, then stop for a picnic whenever the mood strikes. Available year-round, our picnic backpacks are prepared fresh each morning with seasonal ingredients for our guests to enjoy along our trails. 

Please note picnics must be pre-ordered 24 hrs in advance.

Price: $35 per person

Relief Printmaking

An exercise in personal creativity.

Stimulate your creativity with relief printmaking led by Grates Cove Studios co-owner and artist, Terrence Howell. After an initial introduction to the printmaking process, guests are encouraged to carve their woodblocks over the course of their visit. On the morning of your departure, you will have the opportunity to make and take home several prints made from your hand-carved woodblock.

Price: $65


Cooking Classes

Culinary lessons. Straight from the schoolhouse.

Explore the fundamentals of Cajun, Creole, and South Korean cuisine with Grates Cove Studios co-owner and Louisiana native Courtney Howell. Participants will learn the characteristics of the different regional cuisines that influence our Open Studio Restaurant and learn how to incorporate local ingredients into their own culinary creations. 

Please note: our cooking classes are available to visitors staying in our vacation homes and are scheduled upon request.

Price: $115 per person (includes meal)

Terrence Howell Open Studio

Open season on creativity, all year round.

Our artist-in-residence and co-owner Terrence Howell leads a curated range of workshops and creative explorations that remind guests of the joy that comes from the act of creation.

Drop Us A Line

To book relief printmaking, picnic backpacks, or cooking classes, please contact us directly.